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Class Information

All of our programs offer 2 free private lessons to sign up.


We all want the best for our kids. Here at Cor Martial Arts, we offer structured education in children's martial arts and believe routines play a key role in development. We present our classes at an age appropriate level so that your child may understand what is expected. Through our program your child will gain confidence, awareness, preparedness, and fine tune motor control, without even realizing it. It is a healthy, interactive way to learn, grow and have fun.








Your teen is moving toward adulthood at lightning speed, and you want them to be as prepared as possible for the next phase of their life. Let us be there, to help support you, as you guide them. Our classes will help your teen stay focused and goal oriented, and will encourage more active, healthy lifestyle choices. 





18 & Up






When it comes to the current generation of youth, they thrive on challenges! Our youth will be presented with challenges within our program which will give them the tools to deal with real world situations. They will be building confidence, integrity, strength and much more through our fast paced, technically sound classes. 










What are your goals? Personal development? Fitness? Sport/Competition? Self-defense? Whatever it is, our programs can help you on your way to success. 




Safety is of utmost importance for all of our members, both in our facility and out. We do our best to educate all of our members on recognizing and avoiding undesirable/unsafe situations. We also keep a body positive mentality within our facility and encourage our members to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Members are encouraged to contact us with any questions or concerns they have for their physical and mental well being within our facility.

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